Why should I use an app for my maintenance needs?

For transparency, accountability, continuity and dependability.

What guarantee do I have that the workmen coming to my location are not a security risk?

The workmen represent daFixas. All workmen are sufficiently known to us. We are responsible to you

Who do I report my complaints or dissatisfaction to?

daFixas has a dedicated 10hrs (8am-6pm) hotline or live chat helpdesk.

How do I make payments?

Make payments online using your debit/credit cards

Will there always be estimated bill and final bill?

Yes/No. If the job description remains the same then estimated bill is the final bill. However, if the job requires the service of a different trade or additional work of same trade then there will be a final bill.

Are estimated bills definite figures or a range?

Its a range. In the case of the estimated bill being the final bill, the final bill will be within or equal the highest figure of the estimated bill.

Will I be involved in making of the final bill?

Yes. You must agree to the expected final bill. You will be detailed on what constitutes or will constitute the final bill.

What if the estimated bill has been hiked to make it look like it was not enough for the final bill?

Bills are prepared by trained quantity surveyors based on standard billing system as regulated by QSRBN and other relevant bodies.

What if I disagree with the billing system?

You have the options of accepting or rejecting our service(s) before its execution.

What if I decided to cancel my request?

Users can only cancel a request within one (1) hour after which it will attract an administrative charge of N500 which will be debited to the user account, and N2,000 administrative fee if cancellation was done after the workmen has gotten to point of execution (POE).

What if I need additional service other than the requsted?

Simply request for the new service via daFixas app.

Can I ask the workman to look into other job(s) other than the requested?

He will oblige you when he is sure you have requested for the new job on daFixas app.

How soon am I expected to pay after I have confirmed job is done?


How do I know the workman is from daFixas?

He must wear our ID and/or our branded top. You will also confirm your details on the app on his mobile device then confirm the workman's arrival at your location.

Will the workman come alone?

Nature of job will determine that, but we will confirm the identity of any surbordinate(s)/assistant(s) to you at all times.

Can I leave my apartment for the workman while he does my job?

You are required to stay around or assign someone while the workman is on duty otherwise notify us of your situation ahead of time. There are other arrangment upon inquiry.

Will the work area be tidied after repair is completed?

Absolutely! Not to be compromised.

Can I engage daFixas workmen on a personal arrangement?

That would be illegal. It's a breach of terms and condition of our service(s).

Will the workman notify me before leaving?

You must click "Work Completed Confirmed (WCC)" on daFixas app after he must have notified you of work completed.

What if the workman is unruly?

Our workmen are courteous. Please inform us (through our hotline or live chat) immediately when you feel uncomfortable in anyway.

Can I arrest an erring workmen?

No! It will be a breach of our terms and condition. Please notify us immediately and we will surely work with you on the matter. We will ensure your complain(s) are satifactorily handled.

What if I suspect impersonation of your workmen?

Call us immediately, we will confirm if workman represents us or not.

How do I ensure quality materials are used?

We partner and patronise premium Nigeria manufacturers with authentic SON/ISO certification for their products.

What if I have preference for particular brand of materials?

Your preference will then become our preference having advised you.

How soon will the workmen arrive after submission of request?

Within 24 hours.

Can I know what my service charge is before the service is rendered?

Yes! On requesting for any service(s) via daFixas app, estimates are given based on job the description you gave us. Final bill is prepared when our workmen visit job location and proper assesment is done.

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